Congratulations to Martha Pollard on her retirement!

After 26 years, Martha Pollard has retired from the Undergraduate Processing team. Over the past few decades, Martha has assisted the guidance community and university-bound students with navigating the undergraduate application process. Her dedication and passion for helping people will be greatly missed. If you were in the habit of emailing Martha directly, please email…

Now Available: AIS Flyer

Share this flyer about searching for open programs starting June 5 with your graduating students.

How to Use the Student Checklist

Visit our new How to Use the Student Checklist page for tips on how to interpret the information in the checklist.

Creating a Student Account

Counsellors will create a student account for students who did not appear in their electronic file using the Create a Student Account option in Academic Information. After creating a student account, you will be able to add the student’s academic information in Academic Information. How to Create a Student Account

Start Your Research with OUInfo

A guide to Ontario’s universities for high school students.

Register for COLS!

School officials requiring Administrator access to COLS can now register.