Guidance Dialogues – OCAD University Video Transcript

Hi everyone, my name is Emerson and I am the Recruitment Officer from OCAD University. You can find our updates on pages 32 and 33 of the resource guide.   

A quick update regarding COVID 19: OCAD U’s physical facilities are closed until at least January 1, 2021 but our faculty and staff will continue to work remotely. 

Fall 2020 courses for all current students will be offered through remote delivery in all programs. At the same time, we are preparing for some in-person learning opportunities, which could include smaller studio workshops or classes. We hope that full in-class instruction with access to our shops and studios can resume by January. 

With that said, The Gradual Opening Strategy was created for a safe return to campus for all staff, faculty and students. We wanted to create a measured and flexible way of opening University facilities with the necessary safety protocols in place. While the province remains in Stage 2 or 3 of the pandemic response, our Gradual Opening Strategy addresses: safe access to all facilities, protocols for cleaning, physical distancing, infection control and tracing, and lastly implementing preventative measures in challenging spaces on campus like elevators or washrooms. 

 Now onto a quick admissions update – No changes have been made in terms of academic entrance requirements. Offers of admission to our studio-based programs are made based on the strength of the portfolio whereas offers of admission to our one Honors BA program are made based on written assignments and available grades. All offers of admission to OCAD U are conditional upon meeting the minimum academic entrance requirements. For Ontario High School students, they must successfully graduate with a 70% overall average in their top six grade 12 U or M level courses including ENG4U with a final grade of 70%.  

You can see a rough timeline of the admissions process here, but more Dates and deadlines will be made available to applicants through our website in October. 

All applicants are automatically considered for our Entrance Scholarships & Awards. Decisions are made based on academic averages in combination with the results of the portfolio or supplemental items assessment. 

Some new programs to mention: Launched in 2019, our Creative Writing (BFA) program was more popular that we anticipated, and we welcomed two incoming classes instead of one. 

Launching this fall is our Printmaking & Publications program will allow students to explore the conceptual and creative possibilities of both printmaking as well as publications. 

Also coming soon is our Experimental Animation program. 

I wanted to quickly highlight Flow: OCAD U’s Curricular Transformation which is an initiative designed to renew our curriculum. It will create a more open, inclusive, interdisciplinary and learner-directed educational experience for our students. In short, this flexible curriculum will allow our students to take less program required courses in order to pursue more electives in their desired subject areas.  

Lastly, I wanted to inform you on events, school visits, and ways to engage with us this this fall. For the upcoming fall term, our team has committed to a 100% remote delivery of all tools and resources for learners and educators.   

We are pleased to let you know that we are still conducting “virtual school visits”. Whether you will be meeting in class or online, one of our recruiters will be happy to deliver a presentation or workshop that covers dynamic information about OCAD U. You can book an appointment at this link here. 

This fall, our team with be hosting a series of webinars that cover a wide range of topics including: preparing an application, creating a portfolio, how to write an artist statement, careers in art and design, question and answer sessions plus many more! These will be available for all applicants on our website. We are also creating a booking portal for one to one appointments and discussions. 

CAMPUS TOURS are all cancelled until the school reopens. We will be offering online sessions for applicants to engage with current OCAD U students who will speak to the on-campus experience. 

TORONTO NATIONAL PORTFOLIO DAY Is moving online this year. Toronto is included in the October 24, 2020 weekend event which students can register for online. 

Online portfolio preparation workshops are also being developed for applicants. These will likely take place virtually in November.    

And lastly, Our ANNUAL GRADUATE EXHIBITION or GradEx will also be delivered through a digital platform this November showcasing the work of our 2020 graduating class.   

So that wraps up the updates for OCAD University. As always, check out our Teacher / Counsellor page for more information and stay tuned for further updates. Thank you!