Guidance Dialogues – York University Video Transcript

Hi there, Marlin Gold here, I oversee the York recruitment team and I’m broadcasting live from Holland landing, Ontario and I’m proud to provide you with these virtual updates.

Covid-19 has obviously changed a lot for the York community, but we have worked hard to ensure a smooth transition to online learning for all of our students. We immediately pivoted over 5,000 courses to an online learning environment. We supported students by providing laptops for those who didn’t have access to appropriate technology. We supported those living in residence by allowing them to stay if they couldn’t get home due to flight or border restrictions. Our programs like nursing and fine arts that had equipment and PPE available, supported the community by donating N95 masks, ventilators and we supported research efforts. York has announced that almost all courses will remain online through the fall and winter semesters.

York is moving forward with it’s long awaited Markham Centre Campus, the MCC. Construction starts soon and we will welcome our first students in the fall of 2023. The campus will create positive change in the community and accommodate up to 4,200 in phase 1. Programming is still being determined but we know that we will offer students innovative, relevant job-ready academic programming and research opportunities focusing on digital media, engineering and technology, entrepreneurship, new media and communications.

Our Faculty of Environmental Studies and our department of geography have merged into the new Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change and they’re also offering new majors in environmental arts & justice, and sustainable environmental management. 

Our Bachelor of Commerce now offers a stream in business technology management.

We are also offering a new Bachelor of Arts in speech and language sciences offered in our Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, a great program for those looking at becoming speech language pathologists.

We are also offering a new minor or certificate in advocacy & public engagement which includes a fourth year capstone placement course where students will get to put their advocacy and public engagement skills to use in the community.

Glendon’s new Honours Bachelor of Arts in Drama and Creative Arts allows students to specialize in either Drama or Visual Arts, with a personalized blend of classroom study and studio/performance opportunities. Students will work with histories and concepts in the visual and performing arts and build practical skills through hands-on projects in the Glendon Theatre and Visual Arts studios.

We are proud to offer a new Cognitive Neuropsychology stream within the Glendon Psychology program, which allows you to study the relationship between the brain and behaviour. This stream coordinates applied research opportunities between Glendon students and affiliated hospitals and health centres for valuable hands-on experience.

Geomatics Engineering will no longer be offered, but all other areas of engineering are still available in our Lassonde School of Engineering.

All auditions and portfolio reviews for our Fine arts programs will all take place virtually this year.

We are also doming our Pan Am track and field stadium to allow York students and community members 365 days per year to access the great facilities.

Our open house has been shifted to a virtual event and we are excited to welcome students and parents to engage with us online on Saturday, Oct 3 and Sunday, Nov 21. More details are available on our website which is

We know this is a year like no other, but we are here to support you and your students – and their parents as they navigate high school on route to university. 

My personal email address is, please feel free to share it with students, with parents, with colleagues. I look forward to seeing you soon – either virtually or eventually in person. Stay safe, have a great first semester and thanks so much for everything you do. Take care.