Common Questions: PIN Information

I have a student who attended another school and received a PIN but did not apply. The student has now transferred to our school. Should I use “Create a PIN” in COLS to get a new PIN for them?

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No, the student should apply using the original PIN from their previous school. After the Ontario Student Record (OSR) is transferred to your school and the student has completed and submitted their application, you must complete the Student Transfer Between Schools form and return it to the OUAC by fax or email.

I have created a PIN for a student to apply online. Is there a way to obtain the PIN sooner rather than waiting for it to arrive at our school by mail?

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Yes. School officials with access may obtain the assigned PIN by: selecting “PINs” in COLS, selecting “PIN Checklist” and then searching for the student. School officials can then select “View/Print PIN Letter” and print using their browser’s print option.

I have several students who were missed in our school’s November data transmission, so they did not receive Application Access Code letters. Can they be provided with access codes for the application?

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You can set up these students with access codes for the application by logging in to COLS and selecting the “Create a PIN” option under “PINs”. This option allows you to provide the OUAC with the students’ Secondary School Student Number (SSSN), Ontario Education Number (OEN), first name, last name and date of birth. You…

My student can’t log in with their PIN. What can I do?

Be sure your student is typing in the correct PIN. Double-check the characters and try again. Other tips: Use a desktop computer rather than a laptop or mobile device. Use the Shift key rather than the Caps Lock key to insert capital letters. If the student is still having problems, double-check against your guidance counsellor…

One of my students has lost their Application Access Code Letter. What can I do? What should they do?

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What You Can Do: You can provide the student with their access information by logging in to COLS and obtaining this information from the “PIN Checklist” under “PINs”. The student will require the following application access codes to log in to their application: School Number: Your school’s 6-digit MIDENT (BSID) number Student Number: The 12-digit…