Frequently Asked Questions

My students are confused about payment by “online banking”. What is this and how is it different from payment by credit/debit card?

Categories: Payment

Online banking allows applicants to pay their application fees through their financial institution’s online or telephone bill payment services. To use this option, applicants (or their parents) must have a Canadian bank or credit union account, and that account must be registered for internet or telephone banking. To make an online payment: Applicants must select…

A student tried to make an additional university/program selection in their application, but they are being charged an extra fee. What happened?

Categories: Payment

The student must pay a fee of $50 per additional program or university choice in addition to the fees they have already paid. Additional choices that require fees will be accepted only when the student provides credit/debit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, VISA Debit or Debit MasterCard) information in the final “Submit” process. If payment…

A former student took a year off school and is applying to university this year (using the 105 application). The student asked us to send transcripts. Where do we send the transcripts?

Categories: Grades

Some Ontario high schools participate in the electronic transcript management system (eTMS) through OCAS, which allows 105 applicants to request their Ontario high school transcript electronically within their application. These requests are processed electronically. If your school does not participate in the eTMS, you will need to send the official hard-copy transcript directly to the…

I have several students who were missed in our school’s November data transmission, so they did not receive Application Access Code letters. Can they be provided with access codes for the application?

Categories: PIN Information

You can set up these students with access codes for the application by logging in to COLS and selecting the “Create a PIN” option under “PINs”. This option allows you to provide the OUAC with the students’ Secondary School Student Number (SSSN), Ontario Education Number (OEN), first name, last name and date of birth. You…

I have a student who attended another school and received a PIN but did not apply. The student has now transferred to our school. Should I use “Create a PIN” in COLS to get a new PIN for them?

Categories: PIN Information

No, the student should apply using the original PIN from their previous school. After the Ontario Student Record (OSR) is transferred to your school and the student has completed and submitted their application, you must complete the Student Transfer Between Schools form and return it to the OUAC by fax or email.

I have a student who was not enrolled in school for the first semester and so completed a 105 application. The student registered at our school for second semester but has asked us whether their 105 application should be transferred over to a 101 application. Is it too late to do this?

Categories: Application Process

If applicants complete a 105 application and then register for second semester at an Ontario high school: They should complete the 101 online application prior to February 1, and select “Online Banking” as the method of payment. However, they should not make the payment. They should log in to their 105 application and drop all…

I have a student who will be attending high school in second semester. Should they apply using the 101 application or the 105 application?

Categories: Application Process

Applicants should use the 101 application if they meet all of the following requirements: They are taking courses during the day at an Ontario high school (this includes students returning for second semester and graduated students returning to upgrade 1 or more courses). They have not, at some point, been out of high school for…

I have students who graduated with their OSSD last year but are returning to high school to upgrade some of their courses. Do they apply using the 101 application? If so, will they receive new application access codes (e.g., PINs)?

Categories: Application Process

Yes, they may complete the 101 application as long as they: are attending your high school during the day (this includes students returning for second semester and graduated students returning to upgrade 1 or more courses); have not, at some point, been out of high school for more than 7 consecutive months; have not attended…