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About the Program

Through the OUAC voucher program, you can purchase vouchers that applicants can apply toward the cost of their OUAC application.

There are 2 types of vouchers available for purchase:

  1. A monetary value voucher that can be applied to any OUAC application fee and does not expire.
  2. An application-specific voucher that is valid only for the OUAC application fee and year specified on the voucher.

The cost of a voucher is equivalent to its value. For example, you can purchase application-specific vouchers for the Base Application Fee for the 2024 cycle. Each voucher you purchase will have a value and cost of $156.

There is a minimum order of 10 vouchers (per voucher type and per order).

How OUAC Vouchers Are Used

The OUAC voucher program enables third parties to cover the cost of OUAC application fees, either partially or in full, depending on which voucher type they purchase.

For example, a school board may purchase vouchers for their students to use to pay for their OUAC application or an Indigenous band may purchase them for their members. Ultimately, how and why you use OUAC vouchers is entirely up to you.

To discuss potential uses for vouchers or if you have questions about the program, contact the OUAC Finance Department.

Place Your Order

  1. Download and fill in the OUAC Voucher Order Form.
  2. Email your completed form to the OUAC Finance Department.
  3. The OUAC Finance Department will confirm your order and send you an invoice.

Contact Us

OUAC Finance Department
Email: finance@ouac.on.ca
Phone: 519-823-1940