Fall 2021 Guidance Dialogues: Registration Now Available

Fall 2021 Guidance Dialogues: Registration now available

Oct. 26: Ontario Universities’ Fairs (OUFs)

The next OUFs virtual event is Tuesday, October 26, 5-8 pm – now with 2 extra sessions.

Oct. 1: October/November Grades Collection Begins

Read more about Grades Collection.

Applicant Status Reports

Applicant Status Reports from 2021 to present are available through the Reports option.

Start Your Research with OUInfo

A guide to Ontario’s universities for high school students. New this year: We have updated the Tours and Events section.

Aug. 24: OUInfo 2022 is Live

The OUInfo website is now updated for the 2022 application cycle.

The Ontario Universities’ Fairs (OUFs) Go Virtual!

Ontario’s universities are hosting the OUFs virtual events: Sept. 25, 12-2 pm and Oct. 26, 5-7 pm.

2021 Resources: The OUAC, COLS and Ontario’s Universities

Featuring 2 hyperdoc collections of online resources for you and your students.