July 7: July Grades Collection Deadline

Deadline for the OUAC to receive all final grades for 4U/M courses from Ontario high schools.

July 8: Insufficient Credits

The OUAC emails applicants who have less than six 4U/M courses.

Jul. 14: Target Date to Send Final Grades to Universities

Target date for the OUAC to send all remaining final grades to the universities. The OUAC will attempt to contact all schools that have not provided their grades.

Jul. 25: Summer Grades Collection Begins

The OUAC collects summer school grades from Ontario high schools and boards.

Some Ontario Universities Still Have Openings

The Admission Information Service (AIS) 2022 is live.

Ontario Universities’ Recruitment Events: Save the Date!

Ontario’s universities are excited to host a collection of in-person and virtual events in fall 2022.

The Guidance Dialogues Resource Guide – Spring 2022 is Now Available

The Guidance Dialogues Resource Guide – Spring 2022 is now available.

Now Available: AIS Flyer

Share this flyer about searching for open programs starting June 3 with your graduating students.

Applicant Status Reports

Applicant Status Reports may be viewed or printed through COLS by authorized school officials.

Audit Checklist

An audit checklist is made available to all schools with applicants who have fewer than six 4U/M courses.