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COLS is available to school officials at all Ontario high schools. For security and confidentiality reasons, all users must register each year, even if they were authorized users in previous cycles.

COLS Administrator Registration

Users who require “Administrator” access to COLS need to complete the online COLS Administrator Registration Form. The COLS Administrator acts as the primary OUAC contact and OUAC gatekeeper for their school. Each school is allowed only 1 COLS Administrator.

Once the OUAC approves access and sends an email with a username and temporary password to the newly registered COLS Administrator, the COLS Administrator can register other users at their school using the “COLS Registrants” option in COLS. The OUAC will then email usernames and temporary passwords to these users.  

View the different access levels in COLS.


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Watch Video: Registering Users in COLS

View the video tutorial about how to register new and previously registered counsellors.

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Access Levels

There are various functions available in the Service Links menu in COLS.

One user at each school is given “Administrator” level access. This user has access to all functions available in COLS.

Access LevelFunctions Available
  • Access to all functions of COLS
  • Academic Information (View Only)
  • Application information
  • Reports
  • PINs – Create a Personal Identification Number (PIN), Print PINs and Checklist
  • Academic Information – Update and Inquiry
  • Application Information
  • Reports
Electronic File Upload
  • Send or Test OST Files
  • Search OST Files
  • Reference Number File (Download)
  • Reports
Inquiry and Upload
  • Inquiry and Electronic File Upload
Update and Upload
  • Update and Electronic File Upload

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