Postsecondary Information Event Calendar

Note: The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the ability of university representatives to visit high schools and of high schools to host PIEs. Therefore, registration for 2021 will not open until late May 2021. We hope that in May you will have a better idea of whether you can host in-person PIEs at your school in the fall.    

Reminder: To help prospective students learn about and engage with Ontario’s universities, universities are offering additional resources to share with your students.

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Resources to Share With Your Students

These resources are available on the Ontario Universities’ Info (OUInfo) website:

  • Virtual events and tours, webinars, chats, videos and more. To see upcoming university virtual offerings, view the Upcoming Events section on the OUInfo home page. Click “View All Events” to see all events hosted by Ontario universities in the updated Tours and Events section of OUInfo. We continue to update virtual offerings in the Tours and Events section of the website.
  • Students can request to receive information directly from Ontario universities.

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